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A soul-quenching meditation album for the modern-day soul sister.


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Soul Sessions is a meditation album for the modern day soul sister. Each guided meditation is part song / part guided meditation. For the first part of the track, Heather centers you into your practice with her gorgeous voice and bone-chilling lyrics that pierce your soul and open your heart. For the second part of the track, she guides you through the meditation itself. Her soothing voice and raw truth pours out of every second of the meditation. You will feel completely held and supported throughout the entire experience!

New to meditation or intimdated by it? She's got you covered! All of the tracks clock in at about 5 minutes and are designed to give you modern ambient-pop meditation experience. No crazy chanting! ;)

An experienced meditator? That's great too! This is unlike any other meditation experience because it combines lyrical songwriting with meditation. You get the best of both worlds, and it's an awesome way to switch up your practice.


"Soul Sessions is the best meditation album I've ever come across. It starts with Heather singing in her beautiful voice and then we are gently guided through the meditation. I meditate to Soul Sessions every day and honestly it's the best way to start my day." - Lakshmi

"I never really knew how to meditate, and then I found Heather. He CD gives you everything you need. You may think you do not have the time but each one is no longer than 5 minutes. We all have 5 minutes. Trust me when I tell you you will soon be making more time because you just want more." - Denise

With the supercharged combination of Heather's talent as a musician and her passion for meditation, this album will refresh your soul each day as you put it into practice. Her voice is soul quenching and will serve as a gentle guide as you connect with your higher self. I look forward to my morning meditation practice with Heather's angelic voice by my side. If you are new to meditation, try this album - it's gentle and uplifting at the same time! You won't be disappointed! - Jensy

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